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if I ever stop reblogging this… it’s time to delete my blog.


David Tennant you are a punny motherfucker

Well, on the plus side of no one reading my silly little fic is that no one is telling me that I’m going to hell for writing RPF so, yay!

Let me preface this with: I don’t write fanfic. I read tons of it. But I’m generally really bad at writing fiction. I also don’t generally do RPF. I read some, because I can see the people being treated as characters and I know it’s not real but too many people don’t.

And, yet, at 1 o’clock in the morning last night, this stupid little idea would not leave my head and I had to write it out.

It’s Chris/Darren, AU, PG, 311 words.

Be kind.

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6 pm and suddenly feeling utterly exhausted and needing to be held. Guess it’s curl up with the boyfriend pillow night.

In the last 24 hours while doing work at home I have finally watched Catching Fire, Frozen, and Blue Jasmine. What else do I need to see?